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  • Get a leg up in home theatre with our Insider's Guide
Get a leg up in home theatre with our Insider's Guide

Us here at Rotel - not to toot our own horn - think we know a thing or two about hi-fi and home theatre. We've been around the block, producing series after series of award winner home audio products in the past, oh, half century or so. We've been synthesising this knowledge and passing it on to industry members, audio aficionados and everyday consumers since 1998 through our home audio encyclopaedias. The latest edition is the Ultimate Insider's Guide to High Performance Home Theater.

It's an in-depth explanation of home theatre at large. If you read it cover to cover, there will be very little you don't know (that you need to). Written by audio equipment guru Len Schneider, a man with an uncanny ability to translate a limitless technical knowledge to comprehensible English, this guide is as good for beginners getting into it as it is for hobbyists looking to fine tune their system.

On top of that, it's an interesting read full of diagrams, graphs and stunning pictures of high end home theatres. It's not Rotel-specific either, so if you've got other equipment the same information still applies. It's a top notch reference, whatever your equipment and level of ability.