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  • Blu-ray Definition loves our integrated king, the RA-1570
Blu-ray Definition loves our integrated king, the RA-1570

"...the RA-1570 integrated stereo amplifier is a wise choice for cost-conscious listeners who want a lot of audio options, great build quality, excellent sound, and ease of operation. A highly recommended component that could serve either as a starter or as a replacement for one that lacks the digital playback features that many audio buffs now consider to be essential."

While they're primarily concerned with home theatre, reviewers at Blu-ray Definition love their hi-fi too. With a full test of its features, inputs, power and sound, they were very impressed by our integrated flagship amplifier, the RA-1570. At 120 Watts per channel (20-20kHz, <0.03% THD, 8 Ohms) It's got power in spades. Digital inputs are tempered by a Wolfson DAC, believed to be "among the very best out there."

It's undoubtedly feature rich - "more features than any integrated amp that I have ever used" - but that's not all. From Bluetooth streaming to CDs, the RA-1570 doesn't miss a beat with great rhythm and a natural, dynamic and powerful performance.

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