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  • Take a look at the thing that makes Rotel tick!
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Take a look at the thing that makes Rotel tick!

Power is something Rotel have been expert at since the company’s inception. Once upon a time, before the company had even been named Rotel yet, they specialised in making high power transformers for CRT television tubes. Now, over 55 years of expertise have come to making truly excellent power transformers and components for audio amplifiers.

The transformer is the fundamental building block of a quality amplifier. It converts power from the wall outlet to useful voltages in audio components and, most importantly in an amplifier, provides a reservoir of power. The amplifier’s output stage uses this reserve to power your speakers as the incoming musical signal turns it on and off like a tap on a vast water tank.

Some of the components that go into Rotel's big power amps

Rotel build every single toroidal transformer in house, and hand test every one of them before they are installed in a new amplifier. There is absolute control over quality of components going into Rotel amplifiers. Higher quality components lowers the noise floor and reduces distortion in the audio signal.

Much of the attention to detail, and build quality inside a Rotel amplifier can only be found in competing products that are priced around the same level as a medium sized family sedan. Rotel are obsessed with putting the value in your electronics where it counts.

  • Ellery Forrest
  • powerRB-1552RB-1581RB-1582RB-1590toroidaltransformer