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  • Rotel Amplifiers top 2019 Integrated Amplifier Guide!
Rotel Amplifiers top 2019 Integrated Amplifier Guide!


Rotel has placed 3 amplifiers in 10 available positions on Living Entertainment North Coast's guide to The 10 Best Integrated Amplifiers to Suit Any Budget in 2019.

Coming in first at the Best Amplifier under $1000 is the Rotel A10 Amplifier.

"The Rotel A10 might be at the lower end of our range in terms of price, but if you’re looking for solid performance and a brilliant “pound for pound” integrated amplifier, then look no further."

Rotel also takes out both spots for the Best Integrated Amplifiers Under $2000 with the A12 & A14 both listed.

"Rotel have been creating category-defining amplifiers for decades now, and as such, the Rotel A12 is our first feature for the best integrated amplifiers under $2000. If you have your heart set on a Rotel but need a bit more power and a few more features than the A10, the Rotel A12 might be the ticket."

Check out the full list and details on all the Rotel products at: https://www.lenc.com.au/blogs/news/the-10-best-integrated-amplifiers

  • Ellery Forrest