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  • New 15 Series trio gets some love from The Absolute Sound
New 15 Series trio gets some love from The Absolute Sound

"Modestly priced audio products may not be able to produce the "absolute sound," but the best of them can fully deliver the heart of the high end. Rotel's 1570/1552 stack falls decisively into this category, forming an incredibly affordable, versatile system that conveys all the music you could want - and more - with very few trade-offs. Rotel is back, my friends. And it is good." 


Three sleek new additions to our 15 series proved impressive to The Absolute Sound in their latest issue. The RCD-1570 CD player, built around a high-end Wolfson DAC, features as the source of this complete setup. From CDs to mp3s to high-res digital sources, the RCD-1570 is designed to elicit the most from any audio.

Serving as a full-functioned control unit, the RC-1570 pre-amp has support for all your analogue and digital inputs, with four analogue in, a balanced analogue, an inbuilt phono stage, two coax, two optical and two USB inputs. It also incorporates the same Wolfson DAC for a flawless digital performance.

The backbone of the trio is the RB-1552 Mk II 120 Watt per channel power amplifier. This slab of electronics is a snug fit, both aesthetically and performance-wise, contributing an engaging level of dynamism - subtlety is elegantly evoked, with the power to provide a weighty, detailed and rhythmic performance in more demanding passages. And thanks to the gutsy power rating, the performance is impressive with virtually any speaker.

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