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  • USB input - Made for iPod / iPhone
USB input - Made for iPod / iPhone

Most Rotel 12 and 15 series components feature a handy front USB input that is Made for iPod, Made for iPhone. This includes both Apple lightning and 30-pin cables on all iPod and iPhone models including the iPhone 6.

Simply plug your iPod or iPhone device in via a USB cable, select the USB input and enjoy your favourite tunes.

You will enjoy high quality audio by bypassing your portable device's DAC and using the high quality 24 bit Wolfson DAC or Digital to Analogue Converter built into your Rotel device. In addition to charging your iPod / iPhone, the USB connection will also display the Artist name, Album name and Song name on the Rotel display.

* Not available on Rotel RA-10 or RC-1550 models.