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CNet's Steve Guttenberg loves the new RA-1570

"I was happy to spend some quality time with Rotel's sweet-sounding, fully loaded RA-1570 integrated amplifier."

Readers of CNet's 'The Audiophiliac' column know that what Steve says, goes. That's why it was so great to see that his recent review of our new RA-1570 120 Watt integrated amplifier was full of nothing but high praise.

"The sound had the sort of rich, satisfying weight I associate with the best high-end amps."

"The RA-1570 sailed through the most demanding passages on action-heavy flicks like "Iron Man 3.""

The advantage of the RA-1570 over other integrated amplifiers is not just its fantastic sound, but also its wealth of features - it's got plenty of inputs for music as well as two channel home theatre applications.

New to the market, this powerful high end integrated amp is a hell of a performer. Read the full review here.