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The 15 series family is growing
We are proud to announce three big additions to the 15 Series range of audiophile stereo separates, following on from the recent launch of the RCD-1570 CD player and RA-1570 integrated amplifier. These new products are designed to significantly improve on what’s gone before, refining traditional analogue performance and bringing new and future-facing high end digital performance to the range. The results are products that include vital features, deliver stunning audio quality, and are designed to help music fans get the best from their music, however they like it.

Combining top notch analogue and digital preamplifier performance, the RC-1570 is wired for the past, present and future. It's the perfect upgrade from an analogue-only preamplifier, with connections for the widest variety of sources.

Four digital inputs, plus front USB and rear PC-USB (and included Bluetooth dongle for wireless  streaming), handle digital sources including Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets, computers, TVs and Blu-ray players up to ultra-high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz. All digital audio passes through a Wolfson Digital-to-Analogue Converter for maximum detail and minimum distortion.

Analogue sources are treated with similar attention-to-detail, with balanced XLR and four pairs of RCA analogue inputs and a moving magnet phono-stage for vinyl. It's got a fantastic build internally, with a large toroidal transformer and regulated power supply, as well as careful routing of low level signals for impressive signal to noise levels.

At 200 Watts per channel, the RB-1582 Mk II is Rotel’s most powerful stereo amplifier and a huge step up from the original RB-1582. Controlled power and high-end performance starts with a new oversized toroidal transformer with twin secondary windings – for a full, dual mono block design, with separated left and right channel circuitry and power. The output stage is also a discrete design that consists of ten Sanken high current bipolar transistors per channel.

The RB-1552 Mk II is a 120 watt per channel class A/B stereo power amplifier engineered to be powerful and robust, while still extracting all the nuance out of  complex musical. It includes several advantages over its predecessor, including differential input stages and voltage amplifiers. Its new, oversized toroidal transformer has twin secondary windings. Independent left and right power rectification stages and decoupling effectively deliver a mono block design.

Following Rotel’s famous Balanced Design Concept, critical listening throughout the design process has ensured that every single change to these new power amps has been beneficial. The result is a powerful, robust and detailed performance at a reasonable price.